This is a creepypasta. In fact, this was actually the first creepypasta I'd ever read. When I was a little girl, my mother bought me a porcelain doll. I loved that porcelain doll. It had blonde hair, rosy lips, and a cute, pink dress. The older I got, the more lonely I got. It got to a point where the doll was my only friend. One day, the doll fell. I tried to catch it, but it broke before I even touched it. I tried to put it back together, but the pieces kept on moving apart from each other. I began to cry. I had been in my room for about a year now and had never came out. I didn't know what time it was, I never ate, and barely even slept. I had nobody, so I did the only thing I could do to make feel better was to go outside. It was dark, so I assumed it was nighttime. There was absolutely no one out there. I was walking and then paused. Somebody was humming a sad, sad song. It came from a man with long, black hair and a black hoodie. "Who are you?" I asked. He just smiled and mumbled something. His eyes and smile glowed a golden color. I was a bit frightened by this, but decided to just go to sleep. I woke up the next morning. The man was standing by my bed. He started to sing a depressing song. Golden threads ran through my body. His eyes and smile glowed again. He started to crack my bones and limbs. I let him do it because it felt like he was getting rid of all my pain. It was such a relaxing feeling. The last thing I felt was his warm hand around my neck. It cracked. The next day, my corpse was discovered in my room. ?????????????????? The end! There's also a song about the puppeteer called Golden Strings by Madame Macabre. ??????????????????

Story is told by Unknown