When I was 13, my parents got me a Furby for my birthday. I was excited to play with it, so I open it and put the batteries in. The Furby started to talk in his own language. Six months later it would speak to me in English. One night it woke me up and said. “Feed me!” I fed him, and he went back to sleep. An hour later “Feed me!” I got up to check on Furby to see if his battery was low. I pull the batteries out of him; as I turn to open my door, I heard “Go to sleep now.” I stopped at the door with goosebumps running down my back. As I turned, Furby was at the edge of the bed.             There, I see the Furby’s eyes turn from blue to red. His voice went from normal to deep and creepy. “Go to sleep James.” I knew it was talking to me without batteries. I ran out of the room to get my parents. When they got to my room, Furby was right where I put him, but how is this possible? Since I just saw him on the edge of the bed, talking to me without batteries. My dad tried to talk to Furby, but he did not respond. The next morning my dad and I put new batteries. Furby started to talk normal. Later that evening sitting at the table eating dinner, my family hears.             “Feed me!” My dad and I looked in the living room; there he is sitting on the couch. I know he was in my room on the shelf. My dad went into the living room to see what is wrong with him, my dad inspecting the Furby. Then it happens. “Fred, I will kill you and your family tonight.” Said Furby with a disembodied voice. My dad grabs a safe that he no longer used and put him in; then he locked the safe. That night my dad put the safe in the shed. My family went to bed, I could not go to sleep. I laid in my bed scared that the Furby would kill me. I heard glass break; my heart skipped a beat.             I hear my dad call the cops because someone broke in our shed. My dad and I saw two flashlights moving around. The police got there fast; it took them five minutes. As the cops walked toward the shed. This is where the cops told us what they heard. The cops can hear voices between two men. At the time the cops were going to move in on the burglars, they hear a voice of a toy. “Feed me!” One robber said. “So cute, a Furby; dude this thing is cute.” “Shhh! Don’t be loud.” “Feed me!” The Furby says again. “Pull the batteries out of him so he can not talk.”             The cops draw their weapons and they hear. “NO!! NO!!!NO! Ahhhh.” Each of the cops looks at each other in confusion. Then another scream comes out of the shed. “What are you? NO! NO!” My dad and I saw the police bust into the shed door, there we see to bodies with their throats ripped out and the Furby sitting there with blood dripping down his mouth. “Go to sleep.” Since that night my dad buried it eight feet underground.                 

Story is told by creeper101




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