Chapter 3. The way of a normal destrubing life Now that my friends were gone I went to a normal school. I got bullied everyday for no reason what so ever. After a day at school. I saw to girls sitting alone at the park. I asked them what's wrong. They didnt talk. I sighed. My name is violet I said. They said there names were blueberry and blackberry. JK JK. They said there names were Ashley and kitten. I asked if they wanted to be friends. They said sure. Till that day we started to hang out. The a few days later I we all saw a girl that looked sad. She had said her boyfriend dumped her. I made a freaking weird face in public. I dragged the girl to a different boy. And I said this really loud. I SHIP! I DONT CARE I SHIP IT. They both laughed. Me,Ashley,kitten,Lilly and the boy drax we all got to spend time getting to know each other. We all became popular in school...well until some brat came. She look like a b____. She bullied me and my friends. The bully grabbed her phone and posted a picture of me bullying her on Instagram and then Facebook. After I never got back with my friends. They all thought I did it. From that day I never trusted anyone. Chapter 3. Has ended

Story is told by Egyptgachacat