Loud music blarred as a car sped down an empty road. A girl nervously looked around "W...we should slow down Joyce" The male in question laughed in return and sped up. "Laine chill out" Laines friend Emilia said her brown hair blowing in the wind as she took another drink from a beer. A soft sigh left Laines lips as she just chose to stare out the window. "Bruh what the f*ck" a young males voice yelled as he threw his phone on the ground. "Dammit Matthew you almost made me spill my drink" Emilia glared at the blonde boy before she looked back at her phone. 'Why did I come here...' she thought clearly tired of them. The car came to an abrupt stop which caused Laine to snap out her toughts . "Here we are!" Joyce shouted out happiliy as everybody exited the car. Joyce walked towards the door and knocked a black haired girl answered the door "Joyce! Matthew! You actually made it! And who are they?" The girl said with a heaviliy accented voice. Laine looked at her for a moment to take in her appearance long black hair tied into pigtails emerald green eyes and porcelain skin she wore an expensive looking black dress with white frills that she was also really short. "Well this is Laine" He pointed to the dirty blonde haired girl as she awkwardly waved towards the girl. "Thats Emilia we call her Emi." The brunette gave a peace sign and a childish grin. "And you already know Matthew." The black haired girl grinned at Matthew and waved. "Well hello! My name is Riley Obsede" The girl gave them a childish grin. "Welcome to the Obsede Family Manor please enjoy your stay!" 'I don't trust that girl' Laine thought as she looked at the room she was given. She sighed and looked out the window towards the woods that seemed to go on forever that surrounded the manor. She closed the curtains and took out her phone. 'No service...Weird' A loud scream echoed through the halls which caused the girl to jump. She ran towards her door and tried to open it only to find out it was stuck 'What the hell!?' She started yanking on the door to try and get it open when it finally budged she stumbled back a bit then she dashed out into the hallway. She ran towards the grand staircase and started to run down the stairs. Halfway down she heard a sadistic laugh sound from behind her. She quickly turned around and saw a masked figure wearing a white suit with splatters of blood and a mask with a freakish grin and black eyes. The figure tightly held an axe Laine slowly started to back which caused the figure to dash down the stairs directly towards her laughing the whole way. Laine turned around and started running down the stairs towards the door. 'Awh she thinks she can escape...How cute...' I let out another laugh as a continue to chase her. I started running faster. 'you can't keep her if she makes it towards the door she'll leave then you'll be lonely again' I heard the voice speak again. I caught up with her then I grabbed her hand "La mienne tu ne peux pas partir! {Mine you can not leave}" She turned around and stared at me. 'My darling recognizes me!' She stared down at me wide eyed as she slowly said. "Riley...?" I grinned beneath my mask and nodded my head excitedly. 'She remembered my name!' She started to try and pull her hand away and I pulled her closer to me. She started to struggle and I scowled underneath my mask 'Why does she want to leave?!' I slowly pulled a sleeping pill and lifted my mask. I put the pill on my tounge then I pulled her in for a kiss putting the pill in her mouth in the process.

Story is told by Scream Queen