I work in a bar in a little town called Cave Junction. Get busy during karaoke and dancing nights. Well the story I'm telling is dead night at the bar and still shook to my core. I was working on a Sunday night. It was almost midnight and no one is in the bar and sometimes it's like that and that means I can close up early. Well starting to do some cleaning to get out early, but a man comes in and sat at bar stool. He wanted rum and coke. I poured the drink for him and said seven fifty. He gave me a ten, and he said keep the change. He ask my name, and I told him my name is Bob. He said my name is Todd. I said to him nice to meet to you. He ask me why it so dead on a Sunday night. I responded that people were getting sleep for work tomorrow. I told him he was the only person came that night. He ask me why the town is not party people? I told him there is a legend that people that stay out late on a Sunday night they meet the devil on the witching hour. He starting laughing, and said that's funny. I stand there laughing with him. Todd ask me do you believe in it? No I said. Todd said last word, well I have to go before the witching hour of the devil. Then he started evil laugh. He left. I started finish closing up early. The guy creeped me out on his laugh and it was on the witching g hour. I started to lock front door and these red eyes were in front door looking at me I ran like Olympic runner to the back door. I turn lights off and security on. I locked the door and felt a little relieved that he did not know the code the employee parking lot was. Well I parked close to the door. I got in my car and started the car. I looked up and realised that guy Todd was in the bar and was the guy with red eyes. I started driving away and he said almost got your little soul. The owner saw the security cameras and only notice the guy and felt Sundays were night worth the risk and he lost money when we stay open and make no money. When the owner made the decision not be open Sundays there has not been any incidents. Never seen the guy anymore and no have seen him ever, or I have not seen him ever since that night. Never think talking to the devil and that he was looking for a soul and happy he didnt proceed me any further. Always listen to your legends or myths in your town, because they might come after you.

Story is told by Creeperoregon


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