I just snapped and killed her. It all happened in a split second. She was nagging me and wouldn't stop, so I hit her to shut her up.  "You're boring, you never want to go anywhere. You're such a loser. It's your fault we never had any friends, " was all she would nag me about. I had to listen to the same bullshit my whole life. We loved each other once, maybe when we were kids. But when someone is stuck to you for so long you start to resent them. I was never able to have my own life. Whenever I tried to assert my own independence she was always there to nag me about it.  Shelly was the attractive twin. She was everyone's favourite. She could light up a room with her smile. I myself wasn't much to look at, but one thing I had going for me was my fantastic figure and it drove Shelly mad that I was in control of it.  Being twins me and Shelly had spent our entire lives together. I loved her with all my heart, but I just couldn't take anymore. All I wanted to do was live my own life and after bashing her brains in I finally got what I wanted.  Shelly was starting to stink a bit and I was starting to worry about what kind of effect this would have on me. I hadn't really thought it through when I first hit her with the rolling pin. I couldn't just cover her up and make excuses, the smell was enough of a giveaway. I couldn't say she just died or slipped and fell. In the end, I decided to just hand myself in and own up to my mistakes. I covered my sister with a cloth and made my way to a police station. As I approached the counter the smell was enough to make the police officer on duty gag.  "How may I help you? " asked the officer as he wafted the air with his hand.  "I killed my sister and I'm here to hand myself in, " I said as the attention of the officer was now fully on me.  "Where did this take place?" He asked. "At home where we live together." "And is her body still at the address? He asked looking at me as if I was mad. "No, you're looking at it we share this body, " I said as I removed the cloth covering Shelly my conjoined twins head. The police officer fainted and last I heard he had to retire due to stress. The doctors didn't know what to do and In the end, they were afraid to remove her in case it killed me. It was safer to keep her head attached to my body. All I ever wanted was to be free of her and now I sit in a cell with nothing but her decomposed head perched on my shoulder laughing at me.

Story is told by Roos85

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Knew she was attached to the twin. The part about where he had control over their body instead of her kinda gave it away. It was a funny and cool story. It's me and my little sister in a nutshell. :D




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This is so sickening to hear! I love it!


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Sickening, I love it!

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I love it I wish I could give it 100000 likes




I absolutely live for this, lol. It's funny but also really original, as far as I know. ?

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I love the twist I thought the twin was a person that wasn't attached to her XD