Megan was a 7-year-old girl who lived with her parents in California. Although she was healthy, she always refused to wash her hands even when she uses the bathroom. Her parents asks her if she washed them, and she lies that she did. One day, a red virus decided to make the young girl his next victim. But, was he just an ordinary virus? The next day, Megan was using the restroom, as she looked in the mirror, she saw a mysterious figure behind her. Thinking there was a ghost, she turned around to look. However, she saw nothing. 'I guess I was just seeing things', she thought. Though, the same shadowy figure kept appearing behind Megan, and it felt like it was coming closer each time. It had past three weeks. Megan had enough, she thought if she washed her hands, the figure would finally leave her alone. So she did, and the figure came so close, it put its hands on the glass mirror. Megan scream at the sight of the ghost, grabbing her hand and slowly pulling her into the mirror with him. Trapped in the mirror, Megan tried to scream for help, but realized no one could hear her cries. She turned around, helplessly looking at the tall demon, he chuckled evilly and sliced her head off with his long claws. The morning after, her older sister Haily went into the same bathroom to take a nice shower. She seemed to not notice her dead little sister in the mirror. And the demon who killed her...was the deadly virus inside of her. The End.

Story is told by Neonbronythekitty