As I followed The Abandoned streets Searching for another Clue. I felt Lost, Hopeless and Disoriented. So many questions are racing in my head. "What if that person is already dead?" "What if they don't wanna help me.?" Or "What if they Try to Attack me?" I pause for a moment to think and calm myself. I Kept searching and no sign of a Clue. I've stood in the dark just been waiting all this time, While I Damned the dead All I'm trying to do is survive. I Looked up and saw a Rotter walking. I Pulled Out my Pocket knife and Stabbed a Rotter in the Neck and Slid the Blade down to it's Stomach in one quick flow motion. I searched the Corpse but only found an Empty wallet except An ID and a with a photo of a Little Girl with the "I Miss You Carla" Inscription on the back. "Must've been his Daughter." I muttered. As I was Looking at the little girl smiling, I can't help but think of my own Daughter. I put the photo and ID Away in the wallet and put it in my pocket. "One day You'll have a Proper Burial, Someday Not today." I Said. As I got up to stand I noticed a Paper on The Wall where the Rotter was standing. It was another Letter. (Letter) To Remember Me As You Pass By For as You Are so once was I, But As I am You too Will Be So be Content To Follow me I Thought For a moment. A Rotter Standing By This Letter must be a Sign to go to the Cemetery I Looked at the Letter and Thought... "To Follow You, I Am Content, But I Wish I Knew Which Way you Went."

Story is told by The REAPER


Do u remember me? Enchantress cum chucky cum zendaya


The story is too good ??


I absolutely love your stories. Keep up the good work!