This is basically part two of The Night Man. Have fun! You wake up to a sound outside your room. Its 3am. Its sounds like...footsteps? You hear the floorboards squeak, then stop. You hear the sound of a blade taken out of its sheath. Shortly, its followed by giggled screams. "Its just a dream." You try to tell yourself. "I'll wake up any minute now." You whimper as you try not to make a sound, because you know the truth. He's back. You muster up the courage to open your door ever so slightly. No one is there. You walk into your parents room, scared of what awaits you. You open your eyes to a horrific sight. Guts everywhere, blood splattered. You know whats happening. Its the Night Man. You remember the one day that you did the ritual to summon him. (My other story, The Night Man, explains this ritual.) You regret everything as you weep over your parents bodies. You look up at the wall and, written in blood, are the words, "Nothing lasts forever. Deal with it" You look behind you to see a tall figure holding a blade in the doorway. As the blade slides through your stomach, you hear the words, "I tried to tell you kid. Don't turn around."

Story is told by Skullkid07

B strange

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