Four students were walking home they said lets go do something guys the red kid said to more kids were talk about remor? Then they saw her the slit Mouth woman she said am i pretty? And the girl said no than ray and neavh took the kids and said hurry she's going to slit your mouth neavh said to trity i will tell you later the the slit Mouth woman killed a green hair girl. She said am i pretty then they said your normal and she got cofedsed. Now teke teke story: a girl name Kaylee torki her dad was drive to get her stuff for ber b-day then CRASH!! Kaylee said dad we alomost got killed ugh dad said sorry bunny then the dad got killed the blood Kaylee ran out she stared to kill students there was a boy then she asked him a sominging she said were are my legs he said idk wrong answer then she slice him in half then she killed a another student she ask the same were are my legs and he said were y you left them. She said wrong answer then she slice them in half then a girl said. wall cat anmail stew how did you now Kayla said thank you the end

Story is told by Teke teke and Kuchisake-onna