*Brace yourselves, this is a long one* You are walking through the woods art night all alone, as it follows you home. You start to feel your heart race as you hear its footsteps. It walks about 10 meters away from you, yet always keeps up. You keep glancing behind you. It seems to be getting closer. You also see a faint glow. Could it be... It's eyes? You reach your rental cabin. You havent looked behind you in about an hour. You havent heard footsteps in a while. Maybe its gone? You slowly curl your fingers around the dark oak of the corner of your cabin. "Just a peek," you tell yourself. Your heart races as you struggle to peek around the corner, scared of what awaits you. You take a peek. You jump to the side of the cabin and... Nothing. You sigh in relief. The thing really is gone. You can finally get a good night's sleep. You are scared, but releived at the same time. You still feel your heart racing, but not as fast as before. You pivot on your heel as you head to the door. You hear a breath. You cant open your eyes for the life of you, which is probably for the better. You feel tears streaming down your face as you realize that the feeling of relief wasnt relief at all. It was dread. You open your eyes, the breathing still right in front of you. Its eyes are glowing yellow. You feel a heavy sorrow fall over you. You feel especially depresssed, and scared at the same time. You see the tall figure, thin as a stick, and razor sharp teeth. Its hand, fitted with long, rotting claws, reaches toward your neck. You feel a sharp pain, and its all over. You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock blaring, signalling that its time to get to work. You feel a heavy sadness droop over you. You feel worthless to the world, and your vision goes fuzzy. You feel like youve felt this somewhere else, but where? You remember your dream. The large, tall creature with the razor teeth, yellow eyes, and sharp-as-knives claws. Luckily, it was just a dream. You remember that feeling of sadness and depression. You dangle your feet off the bed, looking for your slippers. You step in something slimy. You look down, and your feet are covered in red. You know whats happening, and this isnt a dream. You look in your closet, hoping for the worst, and there is nothing. You turn around, as you get ready to open your eyes and run, the sorrow gets worse. You remember what day today is. The day you were going to commit suicide. You look in the closet sadly at the rope hanging from the ceiling. It wont be able to do its job. You look under the bed, and there it is. The creature from your dream. Glowing yellow eyes and all. The last thing you think before everything goes black, is how sad your life was. First, it was the diagnosis of the depression. Then, the murderous thoughts. Then came the time when you planned your suicide. Everything goes dark. The police find your body after five days. They investigated, and found a noose in the closet, but a knife in your chest, covered in your very own fingerprints. All of this, because you wanted just a peek.

Story is told by Skullkid07

It's meh( ͡°з ͡°)

Wow that amazing

B strange

Thanks for the comment on my story The Dream That Changed My Mind I'm a big fan of your work and I have another story called coconut bubble gum 2 short stories

B strange

SUPER COOL! Make another one please.....


@Spidey thank you so much!