Sorry if this sucks and stuff, it's my first attempt at a real story I made up, probably sucks and I probably wrote it horribly. Lol When my son started telling me I have mental illness, I laughed in his face. I still do, I always will and always have. I am currently 85, I'm smart, and kind and caring, and I am completely fine. There is nothing wrong with me, and there never will be. My son might just be the mentally ill one, because a week ago he took me to this nursing home for the mentally ill. It doesn't feel like a home. It all started a month ago, however. All one morning when I told my son of a rather peculiar dream I had. I had dreamt I was running around my room in circles! I told him, he stopping drinking his coffee and put his paper down, he seemed upset. "Dad," he started "that wasn't a dream, you panicked because you said crows were at your window. I actually wanted to talk about that with you, it's been happening alot lately-" He continued, but it got tuned it out by violent ringing in my ears. That confused me, the last thing I heard, it never happened before. He doesn't know, it was a dream. Silly boy. The ringing stopped and I was pulled back into the conversation by a string of words I had always dreaded. "Dad, I think it's about time people more fitted to deal with this take care of you. Now listen, dad, homes aren't all that bad. Maybe you'd even uh, find'dya new hot grandma." He said, clicking his tongue and winking. He seemed to think it was a joke, but I wasn't laughing. "I am perfectly fine, son. Leave your old man be." Before he could continue on about his rant, I left and went to my room. The rest of the day was uneventful. The next day, however, he seemed very tired and kept almost dozing off during dinner. When I asked him what was wrong, he said I "did it again," the silly boy I didn't do anything. I laughed and he seemed annoyed so I retreated on the idea of a morning conversation. He said we were going clothes shopping today, and I got a few new clothes then we came home. We around around at dinner, he was still tired and we didn't conversate much. That night, I had another strange dream, as I had the past few months, but this one stood out. The dream started with me yelling swears and related profanities at a crow, perched on my upstairs windowsill. In my dream, my son came running and grabbed the butcher knife from my hand that I was threatening the bird with. It is amazing how real dreams feel, I think that it was a lucid dream. I woke up that morning and walked past the hallway window where the dream took place last night. There were long cuts on the window, I guess I saw that one day and related it in my dream. Several days went by after that, following a similar routine. Then, one morning, while eating breakfast in any ordinary fashion, my son demanded a decision; "Dad, listen to me, you did it again last night. Now, I need you to cooperate with me, either you willingly go to the home, or I force you to. I just want to leave on good terms, but no matter what you're going." I started to protest, but he silenced me and once more resumed, "Dad, you're leaving in a week pack your things. I love you dad, you know that, but it is just me taking care of you and I need to live my life, for once." I paused, feeling betrayed I asked him a question that made his face turn red and his firsts clench. "What happened?" I asked "Dad! Last night I heard you knocking around, I came into your room and you were in your night clothes, hanging out of your window shouting at crows, waving a knife. You turned, and your face was completely cut up and your eyes were crazy, you need to leave." Surely enough, next week it came, he threw my bags in the back of the truck. We drove the roads, I watched as the wheat fields passed me for the last time and I left the house I once had a family in. It was owned by my son now, but he used to be a kid there. I'd never see it again, and it was all because of the damn crows. They spoke to me, and they cut my face, and they turned my son. They're always listening, even right now.

Story is told by MyMajesticSelf


Thank you. ?


For your first story, this is really good! I hope to see more work from you. ?