When I was in high school there was a weird suicide. It started out with a quiet girl named Brittany. She was the type of girl who preferred books to humans. You can always find her in the library during free time at school. On one Monday Morning the school bully, Jenny, a wannabe gangster girl, that is dating the most popular boy in the school. As the bully walks in with her posse, she turned and homed in on Brittany. At this moment, there was nowhere to run. The girls walk up to her with faces of revulsion; there with her friends at her side. “look girls? Look at her, she is dirty, an ugly whore!” She rips the book out of her hands, leans forward into her eyes. “you’re the ugliest girl in the school. No boy wants to sleep with you. Boys want me, because I’m the most beautiful girl in all the school. Right girls?” Alexa and Abigail looked at each other in fear. “yes, Jenny, she is ugly.” Brittany looks at up at the three girls. “who cares; because I do not care what you think.” As she reaches for her book Jenny slaps her face, grabbed her hair and slammed her face on the table. “Do not back talk me, I am the queen of this school. You are my peasant. do you understand you low life?” Brittany looked at her with blood running down her face. “NO! I do not!” She kicked Jenny in the face and got up. Jennys friends helped her up. “you are going to pay for that.” After school, Brittany must walk through the woods get to her grandparents’ house every day. The leaf’s fall onto the damp gravel trail path. Brittany heard a crunch of a trig, and then laughter. She looked to right and saw a mob of people walking towards her. There she see’s Jenny and her two friends. Right behind them is her boyfriend, the captain of the football team with three of his friends. She ran from them. One of the boys tackled her and held her down till the group of people got there. “Oh Brittany, you should have not kicked me in my face.” Jenny gave her grin. “Remember I am the queen of this school; therefore no one can’t touch me, because I am the law.” “you are not scary, and I can take you down.” Jenny laughed! “Who said, it was one on one?” Brittany looked around her with fear in her eyes when all four boys started to cycle her. “Babe, teach her a lessen because you love me.” One boy brings a wrench. Another boy pulls out brass knocks out; the third boy pulls a baseball bat out of his shirt. Jenny’s boyfriend had a whip. “Boys, beat her!!! The whip came down hitting her arm. Second one swung the bat at her head. Third boy punched in her face. The crack from the brass knuckles made Brittany spit blood out. “Is that the best you can do?” The fourth boy swung the wrench hard enough she started to couch. “Babe! You are weak, and I will finish it. Momma boy.” Jenny and her friends started to stomp on her till she did not move. Jenny spit on her. “You are worthless.” The group walked away to leave her in the forest alone. 10 minutes later Brittany got up and walk the rest of the way home. That night Brittany summoned the demon of vengeances. She closed her eyes. A feeling of someone watching her. She turned around and saw a man in a biker jacket with deep dark black eyes. “Hi there, Brittany I’m Bram.” “Hi Bram, are you the one I summoned?” “Yes. Let’s get to making a deal.” “What can you do for me?” “anything you want, but I do need a soul.” “Ok.” “I’m guessing you want her soul as the offering. Am I right?” “Yes, I want her to suffer.” “Deal!” “Is that it? “Yes, that is it.” Bram disappears. Two weeks later Brittany goes back to school Jenny was not there. Brittany read her book outside. Then she heard. “Everyone, I hate you all!” It was Jenny up on the roof with a rope around her neck. “I want to say goodbye.” Jenny stepped off and snap. There was Jenny hanging with people screaming and crying. Brittany looked and went back to her book. She felt a hand on her shoulder. “Thank you for the soul.” Brittany sat there reading her book; The Divine Comedy: Inferno.     

Story is told by creeper101


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Can you split the story up next time, please? It's difficult to read.