So, this happened about two years ago, me and my cousin were 11 and 12. We had a tree house which our grandpa had built us in the woods. I should also probably mention we lived in a small town, and down a country road that no one ever drove. One night, at about 11:00, we were sitting in the tree house watching YouTube. At first nothing was out of the ordinary. Wind blowing, leaves rustling, occasionally the sound of a dog barking or a car far down the road. We were watching a play through of Among the Sleep, when, out of nowhere, we heard loud tapping on the wooden support beams under us. We both froze then looked at each other. My cousin turned down the sound on the tablet so we could hear better, and sure enough, there was definitely a slow, rhythmic tapping. We quickly turned off the lights. After about 8 seconds it suddenly cut off and stopped. We sat there for about 10 more seconds, and were just about to blame it on nature, when we heard something that made my heart drop. Loud, heavy, determined footsteps up the stairs. Now, there was a lock on the door, but we were still petrified. It sounded like old work boots pounding their way towards the door. Then, it stopped dead at the door. We were just looking at each other, inside the cold, dark, quiet wooden room trying for the life of us to quiet our breathing. Then, after about 20 seconds we heard the boots slide across the wooden deck and turn back towards the stairs. We waited probably 2 minutes before doing anything else, though it felt like an hour. We just stared at each other. "Do you think they're gone?" My cousin whispered. I was frozen for a second, but managed to quietly get out "I don't know, maybe we should run for the house." I looked to him, and he nodded in agreement. We both grabbed our phones but that was it, leaving the tablet and everything else. He stood and waited for me, I followed suit a second after. We stood infront of the big wooden door, ready to book it. We got a deep breath almost in perfect unison, unlocked the door, threw it open, and shot down the stairs. I was first down, and as soon as I heard my cousin land the last step, I heard heavy boots rush from under the deck, towards us, across the forest floor. We ran down the hill, into the driveway and into the yard, running onto the porch at full speed. Now, on the porch we no longer heard our chaser following. We both kinda calmed, and actually chuckled and realised it must be our grandpa that was up there. We laughed and turned towards the hill and the woods, but then we heard our grandpa open the door behind us. He cheerfully said "Hey guys! You got tired of the tree house and decide to come back? Food is almost ready, anyways." I still don't know who was up there, but it was supposed to just be me, my cousin and our grandpa who we were staying with for the weekend. We were just trying to have quality family time, but it turns out someone else dropped in. I like to tell myself it was our grandpa, but the way his house and property is, there is no way it was.

Story is told by MyMajesticSelf


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