Do you ever get that feeling that you're not alone? Do you ever get the feeling that something is watching you from the shadows, ready to pounce? No matter what you may think, you're never alone. There is always somethimg nearby, and its not always good. Look behind you right now. Theres nothing there, right? How do you know it didn't just quickly move in front of you? Is there anyone around to hear your screams? There's always something nearby. Look to your left, look to your right. There's nothing there, but can you be sure? Check in the closets, under the bed. In the hallway, and in seperate rooms. There's nothing there, right? You can never be absolutely sure that there's nothing around. But if there is, what could you do? You could run, but it could follow. You could do nothing about it. How can you be sure that there's no one around? No matter what you think, You're never alone.

Story is told by Skullkid07


@B Strange even I dont know, and I'm the one who wrote them

B strange

I've read 24 of your stories seriously how many books did you write