"I'm happy"
I keep telling myself even though I have a lack of empathy like a sociopath but why don't we go back a little,about 12 yrs ago

I was 8 years old I was always faking emotions hoping no one will find out but it can only last for so long a week later teachers found out I had a lack of empathy I didn't really care about anything so 7 yrs later

I'm 15 yrs old I got my first dog I named him Steel i didn't really get attached to the dog it was like having a spider as a pet you want it dead so after a little while my parents got divorced I still didn't care until a new family moved in I was a little curious about this family

A week later I heard my dad was asking the new neighbors if they would like to have dinner with us
I thought this was a great decision cause they had a son and a daughter their names were
Thomas and Natalie
They came over and had dinner and after they left the only thought I had was
"What ****ing pigs leaving the dishes for me to wash they could at least help"

Another week went by and turns out Thomas and Natalie were in the same school as me some rumors went by that Natalie had a crush on me and Thomas hated me cause I to had a lack of empathy so whenever I had the chance I'd think of ways to kill Thomas no matter what 2 yrs pass and now I'm 17 me and Natalie are together we had sex for the first time it was fascinating but it lost its interest after awhile and I returned my focus to Thomas

Natalie gave me the house security code what a dumb ***** so after a little while Natalie said she and her family were gonna meet a relative or some **** she gave me the house keys to look after their dog and I thought to myself
"This is gonna scare them so bad when they get back"
I went to their house at night and as usual the dog didn't bark instead he wagged his tail and was very playful

I held his head in my hands and crushed he's skull he was a good boy for not letting out a shriek so opened the front door and took a knife I cut the little pupper up and decorated their house a little and made a wonderful dinner

When they came back I heard screaming they were in tears and I was enjoying every second of it but that to lost its interest night time came again and I didn't see Natalie's parents only Thomas's car I thought to myself this would be the perfect time for me to kill him so I snuck into their house and walked into Thomas's room only to find him dead with a smile carved on his face the next thing I felt was a bat to the head knocked me unconscious I woke up in the basement only to find a naked figure covered in blood it was Natalie at least I now know the difference between a
Sociopath and Phsycopath

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Its psychopath. I don't give a damn for humans but animals are ok

Black thunder ruler

Do a satanic rain


You're scaring the kids MG

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This makes me moist