My head throbs as I slowly wake up. The pounding gets more intense. I start to panic, but I realize it's just my little brother loudly stomping around outside of my bedroom. I sit up, frustrated. Buddy isn't in the room anymore and the door to my room is barely cracked. I stand up quickly, ready to snap at my brother for being so incredibly inconsiderate, but I stop. I feel the soft, cool carpet under my toes. I face the window, which has the blinds open. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the natural sunlight glow on my face. I listen to the light humming of the fan as it's calming breeze fills the room. I remember the words of my therapist. "Anxiety will make you want to release your emotions on anyone and anything. When you feel that way, I want you to breathe. Focus on your surroundings. Distract yourself. Then rationalize your emotions." I sigh. It's not my brother's fault, even if he is the one stomping around. He's eight, and he's excited having just come home from a sleepover. The excitement will ware off soon, and then I can rest. I step into my cozy slippers and slip some sweatpants on over my shorts. I walk out of my room only to have my brother brush past me, giggling as Buddy follows close behind. I stop my brother in his tracks, giving him a big hug as I lift him off of the ground and twirl him around. "Good morning James," I say with a bright smile. He giggles more. "Hi Ansley." "Did you have fun last night?" I ask. "Yep. Josh and I played a bunch of games!" He leaned close to my ear. He half whispered, hald mumbled into my ear, "Don't tell mommy, but we stayed up all night and ate the rest of Josh's halloween candy." I dramatically gasped, which made him laugh. I put him back down on the ground and watched him sprint across the hall to his playroom. Just then, my mom comes upstairs with a laundry hamper that's beginning to overflow. "So, whaddya say? I give him about an hour before he's passed out from pure exhaustion," my mother says as I follow her into the laundry room. I chuckle. "I give him half of that time. Anyway, how did the business meeting go for you and dad last night?" She sighs, exasperated. "It was going well," she said as she finished dumping the laundry into the washer. "But then they questioned how successful we would actually be. You would think people would have more support for starting a business that is purely for helping those with mental health issues. But, they requested that we stay and present the business for another day. We hadn't planned for that, so I came back to manage things while he stayed." "But aren't you guys on Thanksgiving break too?" I asked her. "Yes, but we hadn't planned for anyone to pick up James and you aren't old enough to drive yet. Your father should be home by Monday at the latest." She looks at me and smiles. "Don't worry honey, everything will work out." I smile back and head out of the room. I walk down the hallway and into my bathroom so I can brush my hair. I turn on my light and shut the door. As I turn around to face the mirror, I feel my stomach drop. Who is that?

Story is told by (don't wanna say meh name)