We all know the tales of the stalkers in the windows, but this man, he is no killer. He's a distraction... First, let me explain who this man is. He doesn't really have a name, but multiple people all over the world have been calling him "Cappy". They call him this because he always wears a black fedora. Thats the only part of him that you see. He stands in your window in the middle of the night while you are asleep, so you dont know hes there. He slips a small note through your window saying "I am here. I am watching." If you stay up while hes outside your window, you will definitely die. Your throat will be ripped out. Your body will be mutilated. Your bones, everywhere. All you can see of him when you look out the window is his black fedora. There have been multiple murder reports about these notes, and the bodies. Unlike most people think, it is not him that murders you. If you look at his fedora, you cant take your eyes away from it. Something sneaks up behind you, and savagely kills you. He is no stalker. He is no killer. But if you ever catch a glimpse of him, Youre definitely a goner. This is a poem that was made about him a long time ago. Whatever you do, Don't Look At "Cappy" (I know this isnt really good, but I'm out of ideas. In the comments down below, tell me what stories I could make for you guys. Thank you!)

Story is told by Skullkid07

B strange

I've read 26 of your books I loved every one

Michigan Guy

An original one would be great