Note for readers:This will most likely be a long several part story. This beginning portion is not particularly scary, but it is important to understanding the plot. If you aren't interested in a long story, then you might want to click away ? The choice is yours, and I hope you guys enjoy. (Also sorry if there are any typos) The front door slammed shut, muting the autumn breeze that was violently whipping leaves around outside. I leaned my back on the door, slowly sliding down until I hit the cold tile floor. I used the neck of my sweater to warm up my face and wipe away the tears that felt like boiling water on my freezing cheeks. I closed my eyes and sighed. I was home alone tonight. Soft fur rubbed up against my face, accompanied by a lick. I looked up to see two big brown eyes staring intently at me. "Hey Buddy." Buddy is my golden retriever. I got him when I was ten in order to help me manage my intense anxiety. He continues to lick me as he wags his tail, almost creating a wind like the one outside. "Okay, okay!" I manage to say as giggles escape my throat. "I'll feed you!" I stand up and walk into the pantry, grabbing his food bowl and shoveling a few scoops. Buddy jumping up and down in excitement as I lower his food to the ground. I place it down with a slight "clank". Buddy noisily chomps on his food as I sit next to him, stroking his back. I sigh. "You're lucky you don't have to go to high school," I tell him, knowing he can't understand but continuing anyway. "You know they're calling me 'Anxious Girl'? It's not even catchy, just rude. They make fun of me often; they know I won't do anything about it. I honestly feel sick to my stomach every time I see anyone from school." I feel movement from where my hand had been resting on Buddy's back. I look over to see him laying down, using his nose to sniff and shovel his food around the bowl. He sneezes as I laugh. "What I'm a gonna do with you, weirdo?" I say as I playfully tackle him to the ground and hug him. He looks back at me with his tongue drooping lazily out of the side of his mouth. I smile and pat his head as I stand up and prepare myself for bed. I was so thankful that it was the weekend, which was also the start of Thanksgiving break for my school. An hour passes and I find myself entering my bedroom with Buddy at my side. I turn on my fan and my lamp, shutting off my main light shortly after. I reach for my laptop and open it as I log in. Notifications from YouTube and various other sites fill my screen, but one catches my attention. "What Part of Your Personality Are You Suppressing? Take the Quiz to Find Out!" I roll my eyes. Typically I ignore these, but I decide to explore just so I can see how dumb it is. I move the cursor over and lightly click on the notification. My eyes sting as the computer screen turns bright white. I fidget around for a bit, shielding my eyes with my hand as I finally manage to find the brightness button. Words appear in black in a fancy cursive font. I read the introduction. "Welcome to Here, we strive to help you determine who you truly are and we want to help you become the best version of yourself. To start off, we will determine the part of you that you may be hiding from yourself. Click here to start the quiz!" I snicker slightly. As stupid as it sounds, it'll give me something to do. I move the cursor and click the box that directs me to the quiz. "#1: How might others describe you? a. Kind b. Smart c. Funny d. Enjoyable e. Unique" I skeptically click e., knowing that nobody except my family would call me any of those. "Unique" would be the closest to the truth. "#2: Do you agree with that description? a. Yes b. No c. Sort of d. I don't know" I select d. I have no idea what else to choose. I scroll and click through several more questions, weirder than the last. I get to the final question. "#15: Do you believe us? a. Yes b. No" Confused, I stare for a few moments. What is that supposed to mean? I click "no", partially based on truth, partially for the fun of it, and partially from confusion. The screen goes black as if my computer had been shut off. My heart sank. A virus, I thought to myself. I noticed the blanket that had been covering my legs from touching the laptop was getting hot. I touched the on button for my computer to see if it had just turned off, but I yelped as my finger was burnt by the laptop. After what must have been two minutes but what felt like an hour, the computer turned back on. I touched the screen carefully, being shocked to find that it was no longer burning. My computer was opened to Google, as if the website had never been accessed. I didn't care enough about the results to try and find them, so after a few minutes of making sure my laptop was safe, I went on YouTube. I went to sleep about half an hour later, having already almost forgotten about what had happened.

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Im glad you posted this because ive been looking for a multiple part story. I look forward to the rest!