This is a proven true story. Its how Peppa Pig actually came to be based on a suicide case. Yep, you read it right. A suicide case. Well, have fun, I guess. There once was a little girl named Peppa, who lived in the north part of Oregon. Her parents wanted a boy, so they refused to love her. She would nearly starve to death once every week, and only get fed leftovers that the dog didnt want. She was kept in the basement for most of her life, with nothing. Not even her little brother was allowed to see her. He snuck into the basement one night to give her his dinner because he felt bad, but was murdered and buried by the parents soon after. Peppa was never allowed to go to school, or even step a foot outside the basement. Her father got drunk nearly every night, and almost beat her to death multiple times. One night, her mother said she was so tired of seeing her ugly face, so she bought Peppa the only thing she ever received. A pig mask. Peppa was forced to wear this mask every night. It was covered in her own blood, sweat, and tears. Peppa was sick of it. Her parents had murdered the only person who had ever loved her. One night, Peppa snuck out of the basement and got a knife out of the cabinet drawer. She was found dead in the living room soon after, still wearing the old pig mask. After twelve years, she finally snapped. The parents were sentenced to life in jail for child abuse and murder. This is the origin of Peppa Pig Abuse is a real thing. Life isn't a cartoon, and real children dont bounce back. Its not just child abuse either. There is animal abuse. Some husbands abuse their wives. Some wives abuse their husbands. This is the sad reality of the world we live in. I really felt like I had to put this message in here. Sorry if I made this story less scary, but this is really important to me.

Story is told by Skullkid07


I didn't know about the little brother, jeez. Seems a little counter intuitive but who am I to judge?

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are u stupid he died!!!


Awww what happened to George?? Did he die too!?!???

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Poor little girl, she didn't deserve that. Her parents are real jerks >:/

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? if you see this put on the song sad by xxxtencation

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? this happened i feel sad for pepa

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Were did you get this info


Cool story. I didn't know that this is where Peppa came from. I agree that abuse is something that IS real and is a REAL issue.

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I agree @ Hunter Bates


This is sad


Really sad but I really liked it


I feel bad for Peppa even though I still like da Peppa pig memes

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