Things were going quite well for Billy. He had just made distinguished honors at his high school as a freshman, he earned a spot as a starter on the baseball team, and was even voted in as class president. Things could not have possibly gotten any better...except they did. All throughout high school, Billy accomplished many things. He maintained a 4.0 G.P.A., he won over the heart of his crush, Katie, he was voted as prom king, maintained class presidency all 4 years, graduated as valedictorian, and even earned quite a few Division 1 scholarships for baseball. When the time came, Billy decided to take his schooling to the next level academically and athletically at the University of Vanderbilt. At Vanderbilt, things went just as smooth. He managed to maintain his relationship with Katie, and had plans to propose soon, he was an all star for Vanderbilt's baseball team, winning two National Championships, and he kept a 4.0 G.P.A. yet again. After his four years of baseball was up, he was drafted first round by the Toronto Blue Jays, but turned down the offer to play in the M.L.B., going to Medical school instead. Upon finishing Med school, he proposed to Katie, who gratefully accepted, and they were married a year later. As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Billy had many achievements, performing many surgeries on athletes and regular people alike from all over the country, even working on a few professional athletes. He became the most trusted Surgeon in the United States, winning multiple awards of accomplishment reflecting his perfect success rate in surgeries. As a husband, he had three beautiful children, two sons and a daughter. His daughter went on to become a member of the Unite States Senate, and both of his sons played baseball professionally. After 25 years of performing surgeries, Billy finally retired, living the rest of his days at home with his beautiful wife, and amazing kids, two of whom had children of their own. After enjoying retirement and living the rest of his amazing life, he died peacefully in the same hospital he had performed many of his surgeries in. He was surrounded by many of his loved ones. His wife, children, grandchildren, among others. That's when he woke up. Billy jerked awake from what seemed like the deepest sleep of his life. He looked all around, and realized he was in his old room, the room he slept in as a teenager. He turned to look at his alarm clock. It read 6:03A.M.. He was confused. How had he ended up in his old house, in his old room, on his old bed? That's when his mother called up to him from the living room. "Billy! You best be awake! You need to get ready for your first day of high school!" Billy's heart dropped. Had it all been just a...dream? He looked down at his once wrinkly skin, which had restored itself, almost magically. He began to breathe heavy. "No. No no no no no this can't be happening," he said to himself out loud. At this point, Billy had come to the realization that his perfect life, one of fame and wholesomeness, had been no more than a figment of his imagination. He broke down, and began to sob...

Story is told by Hunter Bates

B strange

Wow that was.... Just wow I have no words great story

Hunter Bates

Thank you skullkid! I do my best to allow the reader to feel the emotion I'm trying to portray, as if they were a part of the story themselves


This is a good story, but its so sad!