I said I was sorry. I never meant to kill him. I tried to protect him, but he wouldnt listen. Its all my fault. I'll never forget the blood stains on the wall of his house, or his last screams. I figured him as a friend. To him, I was a monster, a demon, you name it. I watched over him every night. I sat at the foot of his bed. I didnt know he was THAT scared of me. Im a fairly nice guy, but people dont understand me. They never do. Im here to protect them, but they scream and run, making it much more difficult to keep THEM at bay. Im talking about the REAL monsters. Not the ones in your closet or under your bed, but the ones who want you to suffer a fate worse than death. People misunderstand me. It happens a lot. In fact, if you saw me, you would faint. I just want to protect you. I do not want you to die. But, if this keeps up, I'm not sure I'll be able to hold back my vicious tendancies any longer... So go ahead. Say its all in your head. Make yourself believe that I'm not behind you right now. But you can't hide from the truth. I cant say I'm trying to protect you any longer, because that would be a lie. Y'know what? I'm not sorry about this after all. I warned you to not ignore me. Im not sorry at all...

Story is told by Skullkid07

Cloud The Skywing

B strange,

B strange

Hi @Skullkid 07 I must of read like 100 of you stories I'm probably your biggest fan please read my new stories I hope you'll like them?

B strange

The 28 of your stories that I've read