It past a few months, there was still no news of what happened. Until one day, an officer who was working the night shift soon came into this dark alley. Since is was really dark, he turned his flashlight on. Suddenly, he heard a giggle. He grabbed his gun and looked for any germs or viruses near by. Then he saw a corpse on the ground. It was Thrax's corpse. He took a closer look at it, and jumped. He tried to touch it, but the corpse suddenly grabbed his hand. The he-cell started to shake, it made him drop his flashlight and gun, making it pitch black once again. Thrax stood up, as if he was never dead. The cell was still shivering." Hi, baby. Wanna play a game." The dead virus said, in a distorted voice. "I-I-I thought y-you were...dead." Thrax started to laugh, "I am dead, baby, it's called an evil spirit." He then pinned the cell down and tried to eat him. I heard the noise during a night investigation and came to see what was going on. I saw a dark figure feeding on the other cell. "Hey, put you're hands up and show me who you are!" The dark figure stood. "Clairese? Is that you, baby?" it said. The voice sound familiar. And suddenly, his head turned all the way around towards me. That's when I started to shiver, and the dark figure vanished and appeared right in front of me. I wanted to run, but I frozed out of fear. Then I realized it looked a lot like....Thrax. He lift up his head, and it was the scariest thing I ever seen. His clothes were torn a raggedy, he had five fingers with extremely long dark claws.l, His teeth was razer sharp. The scariest part was his eyes, pitch black with red and yellow glowing irises. "T-Th-Thrax?", I stuttered. "Hey, Claires, did ya miss me?". "I-I th-thought you were....dead...". He put his long claws on my cheek. "Oh, I am dead. YOU killed me, remember!?", he growled at me. He must've turned into an...evil spirit or something. TBC

Story is told by Neonbronythekitty