Some say the world will end in fire. Some say it will end in ice. I know that neither of these are true. Im going to die soon, and I dont have much time left. I just wanted to see the sun set... Apocalypse: Day 3 It's the apocalypse now. Everyone is starved, including me. I dont know if there are any other survivors or not... My mom is outside my door. She's not the person I know. She's a monster now. Shes scratching at my door, trying to break in... Im so hungry, I dont know how much longer I can make it. Apocalypse: Day 5 I need food soon, or I'll die. Its been 4 days since my last meal. Everyones a monster now, and its all my fault. I should never have ordered that pizza. When the delivery man came 5 days ago with my pizza, my mother bit him and let the virus spread. Im scared for my life here. I dont know what to do. Apocalypse: Day 6 There is one other survivor. Its the girl across the street. She sent me some food via clothesline. Im so happy. It may only be bread and tuna, but at least its food. Mother is still scratching at the door. I cant jump out the window because I'm on the 12th floor. Apocalypse: Day 8 Its been eight days now. Im sick of it. Im jumping out the window tomorrow. At least I'll die as a human and not a zombie. Apocalypse: Day 9 I'm going to jump out the window after I write this. I dont want it to come to this, but I have to. If I dont do it now, I'll become one of them. I dont know if my dad and sister are okay. They went out on a buisness trip. I wonder if there are any other survivors. I cant believe this is happening. The girl across the street is going to jump with me. My mother just broke into my room and im at my bathroom window. I dont think there is a rescue team coming any time soon. It looks so peaceful outside. Im going to die as a human, not one of them. Im standing at the windowsill right now. I cant believe this is happening. I just wanted to see the sun set. -------------------------------------------------------------- Hunter J. Berrings, the child in this story, was found dead outside his apartment by local policemen. He had been hallucinating for the past three days. This is the journal they found him keeping. Poor kid, he didnt deserve to die like this. There was never any apocalypse, although we have been hearing reports about a rabid pizza delivery guy. I wonder...

Story is told by Skullkid07

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