Me and a few of my buddies (five in total, including myself) take a hunting trip every year. We usually go for about a week, and rotate between three locations, two of which are out of state. If that didn't clue you in enough, we take hunting very seriously. This year, we decided to try a new location, recommended by my buddy Mikey. He claimed that this new spot, located in the dense woods of Pennsylvania, was sure to land us some trophy bucks. The rest of us were reluctant to try the new spot, as we had been sticking to our original three for the past nine years, and have done fine in each spot every year. But after a long conversation over some drinks, we finally gave in. The trip was set for 3 weeks from the date we agreed to go, which was kinda short notice, but we had just enough time to prepare ourselves. The day we were set to leave for the tip came. It was a cold friday morning when we left from our home state of Ohio (we planned to hunt the next day). After about six hours of driving through God's country, we finally made it to the cabin we planned to stay at for the week. As we unpacked our bags, Mikey gave us the rundown for tomorrow. "So the way I see it, we get up around 3 or 4, and head out the door by no later than 7. The spot isn't too far from here. My dad used to take me here all the time when we still lived around here. Every year I'd end up clearing my tags within a few days. Prepare yourself fellas, you'll have more action than you could ever as for in these woods." Little did we all know at the time, he was fatally correct. We all woke up just after 3 to Mikey frantically getting things ready for the day ahead. "Dude can you chill out," Mason, one of the boys in the group said. "Sorry guys, I've just been so pumped lately. I haven't been here since I was a boy, and I can't wait to get back out into these woods." "Any particular reason you and your dad stopped hunting here," I asked, worried at the fact that it's been years since Mikey's even been in these woods, and who knows if anything still lives around it. "Well, my dad made me stop because he told us he was attacked one day when he hunted on his own, but I always figured it was just a large bear my dad couldn't handle, and five of us versus one that big ole thing don't stand a chance!" We all looked at him, worried and puzzled at the fact he even brought us here without first mentioning his father's "attacking." At any rate, we finally got suited up and trudged out into the woods just as 7 o clock struck. It was freezing out. "Hey erm, Mikey? You sure there's gonna be anything out with this freeze," another guy in the group named Stephen asked, "Ahhhhh it's been colder, we should be fine," Mike replied, almost instantly. Mikey took us to a spot about a mile out from the cabin, and sat Stephen and the last guy in the group, Jordan, down in that spot. "You guys stay put here. I'm taking the other two about a quarter mile up that way." He pointed further up the massive mountain, towards a seemingly endless patch of evergreens. Me and Mason didn't wanna leave the other two behind, but we reluctantly followed Mikey up the mountain. We finally got to our spot, and hunkered down. Not much occurred there until after daylight fully broke, when we heard the rustling of leaves and the cracking of branches. "Not even here two hours and we're already seeing some action," Mikey said, proudly. "I wonder how the other two are doing down the mountain..." not much longer after he said that, we heard something that chilled us more than the cold Pennsylvania air. The blood curdling screams of Stephen and Jordan, followed by 3 gunshots, one after another. We all looked at each other, confused, and decided without speaking to rush down to them to make sure they were okay. Upon getting to them, they were in virtually the same spot we left them, but they looked white as ghosts. "You boys okay? What the hell happened down here? We heard all this commotion from up the mountain and thought you guys were dying," I said. "We did almost die! Mikey you crazy bastard, where the hell did you bring us," Stephen screamed. Eyes wider than I had thought imaginable. "What do you mean," Mikey replied. "What we mean," Jordan started, "is that we just saw a person walking towards us!" "So you shot at him," mikey asked with a heightened tone. "No you don't understand man," Jordan said, beginning to stutter, "this...this THING was only sh-shaped like a p-person. It had to be at LEAST 8 feet tall, and skinnier than...than a starving child! Not to mention the thing had a rack of antlers on its head! We shot at it to keep it at bay, but now we don't know where the hell it is!" "Oh no..." Mikey appeared more worried than the two guys that just saw the thing. "We need to go. NOW!" "Why," stephen asked, confused and scared. "Because we can't be in these woods with that thing here....there's no way it's what my dad saw years can't be." "Mike, what the hell are you talking about," I asked now, considering the vagueness of Mikey's words. Just as I had finished my question, the wind picked up, and with it came the sound of what could only be described as whispers...indistinguishable whispers. "Oh no," Mikey said, as he began to usher us back to the cabin. As we began to run back to the cabin, Mason yelled to Mikey, "What exactly are we dealing with hear man? You haven't exactly told us!" Mikey stopped, turned to Mason, with an almost dead look on his face, stared him dead in the eyes, and with an almost desperate tone he said, "The Windego." Just as he finished that sentence, an ear piercing screech echoed through the woods. Problem was, it was too close for comfort. It sounded as though the beast was just behind us, which caused us to sprint down the mountain, narrowly missing stray boulders and trees. Running didn't seem to help though, as screeches and the sound of footsteps behind us followed at a seemingly faster pace than us. We made it halfway to the cabin before all hell broke loose. The thing, which had been behind us the entire time, stepped our from behind a tree that was directly in front of us. Upon close inspection, it was far from human. This "thing" was certainly about 8 feet tall, but that's the most normal thing about it. It had the head of a deer, and legs of what could only be described as a goat's. Its body was horribly mangled, covered in scratches, and it was so skinny that its ribs were clearly visible through its body. It was covered in a layer of patchy fur, with claws bigger than any bear over ever seen on its hands. It stopped us dead in our tracks. We all looked at it, horrified. Mikey did what he does best. He took a shot at it. The bullet appeared to pierce the beast's upper chest, but here's the issue. This only pissed it off. It lunged from it's original position about 30 feet forward, an inhuman jumping distance, and latched itself to Mikey. It began ripping him to shreds. We all tried everything we could. We shot at it, but the thing didn't even flinch. We decided we had no choice but to run, but we stood no chance. It picked us off one by one, and each time it managed to catch up to us, no matter how quick we ran. The thing picked off everyone until I was the last one standing. I felt weak from running so far and so fast. I barely made it to the cabin alive. So here I sit, writing this account...if someone finds this, leave while you still can, and most importantly, don't listen to the wind. I can hear it carrying the whispers of my name, but in Mikey's voice. I knew this wasn't possible, I had watched him die. I don't have much time, I need to find a way out of here. I'm hiding in the bathroom, and the front door of the cabin slowly creaked open. Before I go, I must inform you that-

Story is told by Hunter Bates


"that" what?