At the age of 23, William wanted to be scared on Halloween night. William asks his friend Kori if there are any haunted places? Kori looked at him with a grin on her face. I do know a dark place even the moon is blacked out. You can not hear any animals nor bugs during the witching hour. Williams eye had a sparkle of thrill and said. “Let’s go and bring Sebastian and Sarah with us.” Kori got in Williams Jeep Cherokee. Kori and William pick up both Sebastian and Sarah. As they drive for two hours Kori explains the place; “back in 1850 in Oregon, a town called devils flats was a prosperous mining town. As devils’ flats were growing there was a town nearby as we know now as Glendale today. One day the people from Glendale went to devils’ flats and massacred the whole town. The people killed every man, woman, and child. They buried them where the people laid, then they took the town as their own. As the law catches up to townspeople at devils flats the judge sentences them to hang with on the land. As time past every year no one step in the town.” Kori looked at William and said; turn here! The headlights on the Jeep could not pierce the pure darkness of the forest. Sarah leaned forward and asked Kori, are we there yet? No! said, Kori. A minute in the long road the stars were slowly engulfed by the pitch black. A cul-de-sac appeared and a small dirt road was leading up the mountain. Kori said we are here. The Jeep slowed down and Sebastian looked up at the ruff dirt road and said. “is it up there?” Yep, said Kori. Sarah looked at William, Kori, and Sebastian like this is it. William volunteered to walk up with Sebastian, so the boys let the girls in the Jeep get a further look up the road. Sarah and Kori watched the boys walk up the road into the darkness of the forest. Fifteen minutes the girls waited for the boys till they heard screams near the Jeep. Sarah wiped her head back and saw a little girl with cuts and bullet holes walk toward them. The girl vanished right in front of their eyes. Kori jumped out of the Jeep scared to find the boys. Sarah screamed don’t leave me here! As Sarah said that the headlights started to flicker and a skeleton figure with yellow eyes crabbed her and devoured her body. Kori screams as she watches her friends’ body was being eaten alive. Kori turned to run she fell on her face as a deep disembodied growl, she turned and saw a small little girl crabbing her hair as the little girls’ eyes turned red. Kori kicked and screamed when the unhuman spirit dragged her into the forest where she was killed. The boys ran down the hill to the Jeep is still running with the doors open and their girls nowhere to be seen. Sebastian called for Sarah, he heard her voice and ran to her. Sebastian ran into the forest and found Sarah lying face down. He kneeled next to her and shook her to wake her up. Sarah turned around and grabbed Sebastian’s throat said.” This land is cursed, we will all die, run Sebastian and save yourself.” He ran and then he heard big footsteps running behind him. A laugh echoed through the forest that William told Sebastian run. Sebastian got into the Jeep with William and told him to go, the girls are dead. The Jeep did a 180 turn and the boys drove off. They both looked back and Sebastian said, we are good; what was that? William says I don’t know and then they hear a deep like creepy clown laugh and turn to look. There! There it was a; a little boy with yellow eyes and somehow the Jeep stopped. William unbuckled his seatbelt, but the boy smashed his head through the windshield. Sebastian screamed while the boy murdered him. The next morning the police found Kori barely alive. This is where my part I come into the story. I dated Kori until she killed herself six months in our relationship. I found her diary after her funeral. The story felt alive and what were her last few days before she hung herself; that is another story to tell later.    

Story is told by creeper101


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It's pretty good, but there are a few spelling mistakes, and I think it would help to split up the story and use quotation marks.


It shows promise