It all started when I was 6. I didn't really have friends at that time, since the other kids used to bully me often. I felt lonely...that was, until I meet him. A boy my age walked up to me, I thought he looked weird at first, but soon found out he was a virus. His name was Thrax Roja. I told him my name was Clairese. After that we hung out. We soon became friends and would always play around. We still got bullied often, but we didn't care. The others eventually gave up and they stopped bullying us. However, although my father greatly accepted Thrax, my mother was very unfriendly with him and told him to get away from me, because she didn't want me to get hurt. But I didn't care what she said because he was my best friend and only friend. One day, I saw him sobbing on a bench. I asked what was wrong, he explained his father died from getting shot. One year later, a girl soon had a crush on Thrax. She was jealous that he was hanging out with me. So she decided to expose me for beating him up. His mother soon found out and she tried to kill me out of anger. I had to protect myself, so I shot her with my fathers gun. I thought if I buried the body of the virus, no one would know who killed her... Little did I know, Thrax saw the whole thing. The next day, he didn't bother talking to me. I was confused, but then said "I'll never forgive you for what you did!!" I was shocked. Did he knew I killed his mother? 9 years past, he became more psychotic and vicous as the years went on. He wanted revenge on me for killing his parents. So he tried to kill me with a chainsaw. And the only option I had was to kill him. I stabbed him with a sharp object I found. However, he smiled and whispered "You'll regret this..." before he fell on the ground dead. TBC

Story is told by Neonbronythekitty


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