Jason has had an interest in old battles since he was a kid, and when he found out his parents had planned to take him on a vacation to an old civil war battlefield for his 16th birthday, he was exuberant. On the night before his trip to the battlefield began, he lay awake researching the history of the battle that occurred there. What he found had shocked, yet enthralled him. "The bloodiest battle of the Civil War," the article said. Jason researched further and discovered that the location was infested with the paranormal. Jason sighed, he had never believed in the paranormal. He saw it as a made up means of moneymaking, as believers would do anything, or spend anything, to prove its existence. Amused however, Jason continued through the articles about the battlefield's paranormal history, and had found that not only was this location the site of the bloodiest battle of the civil war, but it was also recognized by many as "one of the most haunted locations in America." Jason decided that was enough, and he shut off his laptop, and went to sleep. The next morning, Jason finalized his packing, and off he went. Along the way, he fantasized about how enjoyable his trip would be. '16 years in the making,' he thought, 'I can't wait to be there in person!' Quite a few hours pass and they arrive at their hotel. Immediately after getting situated in their room, Jason begged his parents to take him on a walk through the battlefield, to which they finally obliged. During the walk, Jason noticed the amazing views the battlefield had. Stunning structures and Civil War-like weaponry scattered along the plains-like layout, secreting a feel as though Jason had been standing there in 1863, not 2019. Jason had felt many things throughout his walk, but a paranormal presence was not one of them. This had not suprised him, and the only reason the paranormal was leached to his mind was because he had planned to tell his believing friends that even one of the most "haunted" places in the world had no ghosts. Suddenly, as if time had been moving at an accelerated speed, the evening fell, and the sun began to drop. "Don't you think it's about time we head back to the hotel now, Jason," his father asked. "Can we please stay until dark dad? I hear this place is even more stunning at night!" "Alright son, but not too much longer," his father proclaimed, and with that, they continued onward through the man-made trails of the battlefield. Soon enough, the sun had almost completely vanished from the skyline, and the moon sat high in the sky, its dim light revealing the presence of clouds. The temperature began to cool. "That's odd, my phone says the temp is 49 degrees...that isn't common for a July night anywhere around here. Jason don't you think it's time to head back yet? We can hardly see anyway," his mother said. "Just 10 more minutes mom, we've just about covered the entire battlefield, not much more to go." With that, they continued on. Suddenly, voices of others had began filling the ears of Jason and his parents. "That's odd," Jason said, "we've been the only ones here for the last hour now." The voices became louder and louder, and they now became distinguishable. They sounded like...cries. cries of war. Jason began to feel uneasy, he contemplated the thought that maybe this place was haunted. 'No,' he thought, 'it can't be, ghosts aren't real. These must be tourists or even locals trying to startle us.' Just then, a loud boom echoed throughout the seemingly empty battlefield, followed by the screams of what sounded like almost a thousand men. "Jason can we please get the hell out of here," his dad asked, becoming increasingly worried. This was unlike Jason's dad. Being a Desert Storm veteran, Jason's dad was a tough person, and was almost impossible to scare. He'd seen the real horrors of battle, but the look on his face, which Jason could barely make out in the dark of night, appeared as though he had been viewing something just as terrifying, or even worse. The family decided to finally head back to the hotel, but had seemingly lost their way in the winding paths of the battlefield, and with only the light of the coud-coverd moon, and the flashlights on their cellphones guiding them, it seemed as though they weren't finding their way any time soon. As the family was walking down a path they had believed to have walked down before, three men appeared in front of them. Jason could barely make them out, but they appeared to be wearing very old clothing, topped with old civil-war style equipment and weaponry. Jason was confused. He knew there was supposed to be a battle reenactment tomorrow, but he was certain actors wouldn't show up this early. "Hello? Erm, do any of you fellas know how to get back to the town," Jason's father asked. The three men turned to look at the family, and Jason was horrified. These three men look mangled, with one of them even missing body parts. It was impossible that he could even be standing, and he was missing both his legs. Most noticable of all, however, was the fact that all three men were almost transparent. All three men shouted in unison, "Keep moving! At this rate we will take the town by morning!" This was followed by extremely loud explosions, screams, and even gunfire. Jason was horrifyingly astonished. He realized the paranormal was real. Jason and his parents turned in the opposite direction of the three men, and ran as fast as their legs would let them. Gunfire and battle cries echoed through the night. More and more men appeared before them, holding muskets and revolvers. The once unoccupied cannons became home to men loading and firing them off into the sky. Explosions occurred all around them, creating craters in the dirt and flinging debris into the faces of Jason and his parents. Just then, as the family had finally hit a landmark they recognized, a musket shot rang through the sky, and the vibration pierced the ears of the family, just as a musket ball pierced Jason's left leg. He collapsed to the ground and screamed in pain, his leg oozing blood. His parents had no idea how to react, it felt like a dream, yet all too real. Jason's father finally collected himself, and his intuition kicked in. He attempted to apply pressure to the wound, but it appeared to be too late. Jason had lost so much blood already. He began feeling dizzy, the world around him spinning, as if it was orbiting him. He looked around one last time and saw absolute carnage, men screaming and running, some shooting, some being shot. Cannon fire pierced his ears, and commands of what seemed to be military leaders echoed around him. Jason looked into his dad's eyes, shed a tear, and became limp. He awoke with a jump, breathing heavily. He was in his hotel room, his parents still sound asleep. He was relieved, it was just a dream, a figment of his imagination. As he began to calm down, he began to notice a dull pain in his left leg. He threw off the blanket and lifted his shorts to reveal a scar. A circular, ball shaped scar.

Story is told by Hunter Bates

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My heart is beating fastly because of your story..ita interesting and scary..>○<

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Wow. Amazing story!

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