When I was about thirteen years old my father and I drove to our old farmhouse. It was situated within the hillfoots of Nagaland, India. It was a shared farmhouse and my cousins from my late mother's side had visited too. The temperature would go below the freezing point at night hence out of sheer excitement, all of my cousins and I would have a sleep over together. Of course, we switched rooms every night since it was almost impossible for all the seventeen of us to fit into one almost every time since more of our family members would join us. It was the Christmas Eve and we were coming back from the midnight mass (that's what we call it here.). The air was thick and foggy that night. Sleepy and tired from all the walking we decided to sleep in the main hall that was right behind the forest. We didn't think much about the childhood lore related to the forest and shook it off as grandma's tales. And that's how we fell asleep within minutes of shuffling under the covers in search of comfort and warmth. I woke up in the middle of the night sensing a weird feeling of someone staring right through my soul. I opened my eyes slightly trying not to look too obvious. I was sleeping at the corner right below the big window and that's when I realized the curtains were not drawn properly almost leaving a foot wide gap between the too thick sheet. I looked up from my eye level slowly and cautiously and thats when my blood ran cold. An old lady with white hair stood right there staring into my eyes. Luckily, the blanket covered my eyes enough for her to be oblivious of my awareness. I shifted my position and turned around shaking my cousin sister lightly from under the blanket. She held my wrist motioning me to stop panicking. She drew closer to my ears and whispered "go to sleep, I saw her too."

Story is told by yeosang