Emily, who was 8 years old, lived with her mom in a 2 story house. Her parents recently divorced so Emily's been a little stressed with having to go from her mom's home to her dad's lately. She just wanted her parents to get back together again, but that never happened, and never would. Emily sat quietly in her room. Everytime her mom or dad would tell her dinner's ready, she refused to eat. But one night, while sitting on her bed at her mom's house, she heard a noise come from the backyard. Emily's mom had told her a few hours ago to not go outside after dark, and if she were to ever hear a noise, stay away from the windows. Emily had asked why and her mom said that some kids went out at night and went missing, and a few heard noises in their backyards and looked out of their open windows, and fell out. But they weren't near the windows, Emily remembered what her mom had said, so she just went to bed. About an hour later, Emily heard the same sound, but it was a little louder, but she just kept ignoring it. She ignored it no matter how annoying it was, or how loud it was. And at 2:58 a.m, the noise was so loud, that Emily couldn't handle it. She walked to her window, but got a safe distance away from it, then looked out at it. What she saw was a shadow, but it looked like a person from where she was. She went to her mom's room, and told her about the shadow, or what she thought was a person, standing in their backyard. And her mom ,who was extremely tired, told her not to worry about it, but Emily knew that there was something odd about it. She went to the backdoor of her mom's house and looked out of it, but the shadow wasn't there. Emily opened the door and stepped a a few feet outside to see where it went, and when she stopped...the door had shut closed, and Emily felt a sharp pain on her back Emily screamed, her mom heard it and rushed outside, but Emily was gone That was the last time Emily's mom ever heard Emily

Story is told by XxLuna WolfxX