9. Kayto So their were stupid students walking to school. And they were talking. At lunchtime. This boy told the story of kayto because her parents argue all the time and yea. So kayto got married to a boy named who the hell knows cause I'm lazy and I really didnt wanna upload another story but ur probably Wondering what happened to meh so. And then one night kayto,s husband looked in her diary. He found out kayto was cheating on him. In the morning of the story. Kayto and her husband woke up their son. Kayto,s husband was still shocked. After that he yelled at kayto. (≧▽≦) after kayto was scared. Her husband had grabbed a knife. He stabbed kayto several times. Kayto was bleeding a lot. She got up and went downstairs. Before she reached the bottom her husband pushed her off the stairs. /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ after a lot of her blood was gone she had died.(P.S. the story isn't over.) (^._.^)ノ after that the husband saw his son in shock. He said it doesn't hurt that much son. His son backed up. The husband killed his son. (;ŏ﹏ŏ). So after school. This girl was walking to her house. As she was walking she ran into a man. He screamed. S-shes behind you he said. Who?! Kayto... I was scared. Say if I made out with you she will go away...(・ัω・ั). The girl said no. And she went home. As always the girls parents were arguing!!!!!! (・∀・)

Story is told by Egyptgachacat

Bloody moon

Well that ended weird...... And why would the father kill his own son

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Okie kayto


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