Now when I'm hearing these voices there's also something in the distance Loud screams Silent cries. Plus the whispering for the riches. Plus they wanna see blood. I hear an echo of Yes. The chanting always getting louder. Wrap their people around my fleshes like they feed off when i bleed. Cause they always getting stronger. Reproducing never die so they always live longer. But now my voices are hearing voices and it's tripping me out. Like it's  Schizo-schizophrenic and i scream without a doubt. Kind of seems like these voices have got a mind of their own. Even though they screaming in my head they hearing voices of their own. It's like a Big Goddamn Circle where everybody keeps screaming. But they know the just cause of the people even demons have demons at leasts they do in my head so i guess I'm never alone even when I'm feeling hella lonely there's like hella demons on my... It's Yo Homie The Reaper. I Created this account for... "Research Purposes" ight now This is My Sample of an Upcoming story i got couple new stories in development. Don't know when it'll be posted up but Aye be on the Lookout for State of decay Part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 then watch out for The Real Schizophrenia Story like this one right here then the next story is gonna be called Suicidal Tendencies. Hmu on discord, Kik, or Snap if you got it. Like i said, The REAPER never left just been at work chillin Like a Villain who Stole a Million. Peace from the Middle East???

Story is told by Jehovah Thickness


Aye damn pervs Hmu Mofos i created this story lol