I remember when the wife would call me outside to watch the sunset with her. It wasn't much for me, but it must have meant a whole lot to her. We would sit outside, have some tea, watch the dogs run around the yard. It was alright. Lately, the sun hasn't been coming up. Some kinda problem with the orbit, or earth's axis, ah I dunno. 'An extinction level cosmic phenomenon' they called it. The way I figure it, i ain't got too much to worry about. That NASA guy on the TV said that what's happening is impossible, so there has got to be some kind of outside intervention. Far be it from me to understand a lick of this college boys gibberish. I've lived my life, come what may. My wife and I decided to sit out on the porch. There ain't no sun, but we can always just enjoy the outdoors right? I sat next to her on the bench and I covered us up with a nice home made quilt. Weren't long before she was out like a light, figured I'd rest my eyes a bit too, seeing as how I'm already here. It got cold real quick. I woke up shivering, couldn't barely move my fingers. I looked over at the Missus. She weren't movin. When I looked off out into the sky, I could see it. The sun. Looked a heck of a lot smaller than it used too, and it weren't too bright neither. I could hear some chatter from the TV in the other room. "... the earth has fallen out of orbit with the Sun. Temperatures are dropping all over the earth. Casualties are thought..." I turned that racket off. I wiped the frost from off my beard. I rested my head on the Missus, one last time. " The sun came up Edith", I whispered, " guess we missed it".

Story is told by Baybon


This is so sad! But great story