I walk into a forest They whisper my name They whisper my name I feel free as a bird I don't know when they came I hear them calling Louder Louder The voices are calling I feel like I'm falling Louder Louder I look to my left I look to my right I look straight ahead And see something bright. I walk towards it but it gets darker Like its being blotted out by marker Darker And darker Something runs by The wind brushes my side I look where it came The voices whisper: "Turn away, it's not a game." I see two glowing eyes From the darkness The voices no longer whisper Now they are cries My feet are planted, Frozen in fear I think that my Doom may be near The eyes come closer The pupils are slits My time is now over I call it quits I scream out loud, "Come and get some!" The voices are now telling me to run. I wake up the next morning In a straightjacket and all, I'm spooked I'm scared There is pillows on the walls. I look in the empty hall No one to help me I see a shadow on the wall The voices are back The shadow is back Slit pupils and all.

Story is told by Skullkid07


Bruh just say your seeing things and your mentally insaine

B strange

Love that it's a poem