I have a story to tell and yea it's real I have seen it myself. I was walking down the old empty street with my earbuds in just enjoying the breeze until something snatched me up, grabbed my arm, and I dissapeared into this dark place and welp I kinda liked it because it was just as peaceful as home and gosh I missed home but I told whatever got me to return me and take me back home. That they did and when I got back I wondered and wondered where that place was and if I would ever see it again. I did not but I still believe it could happen anytime, anyminute, or any second of my life. I've been having dreams I've never had I was experiencing things I've never experienced and dang I was scared. About 109 years after I was still alive and I still looked the same but my family was dead. I had been alive so long and I still am. About a billion years later I figured out who it was and what it was also where I was. I was in space to start out and I was with aliens who did examines of me and I figured that out because I am an ALIEN NOW!