Soon... Three little boys wanted to play,(of course), hide and seek. One of them, whos name was Mark, had heard a story. A legend that was whispered with fear. With dread in their voices. The legend of The Hidden. It was said that if you uttered a special chant, you could awaken a beast. A beast so horrible, a beast so grotesque, that if you looked at its blood-stained face, your eyes would melt right out of your head. But, Mark was there to summon it, and end its reign forever. It had already committed four documented murders in the past. Mark didnt want to be one of them. But he had to kill it. There was a curse put on his family 50 years ago. First, there was a girl named Isabelle, and her friend. Then, there was a girl named Lorena, and another named Merida, who was in his family also. Now, it all came down to Mark. He had to kill the beast, but at a price. Mark would then have to kill himself after he killed The Hidden. Him, and three friends muttered the chant, and the beast was summoned. Mark was scared, but he would be doing the right thing... -------------------------------------------------------------- Police report: Three kids found dead in forest. Another killing. One of them, Mark, looks like he has suffered from head trauma for multiple years. The others found dead near him were his friends. They all suffered from shots from a gun to the heart. Mark was holding the gun. Sign found on a nearby tree says, "Stay away from The Hidden." I wonder what The Hidden is. It may have been part of the delusional head trauma that Mark was experiencing. Further investigation of the crime scene continues tomorrow. -------------------------------------------------------------- The end of the Hide and Seek series. Hope you enjoyed!

Story is told by Skullkid07


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