Scary poem #1 Violets are blue Your blood is red Your window was open I'm under your bed -Eyeless Jack Scary poem #2 Walls have ears Doors have eyes Trees have voices Beasts tell lies Beware the rain Beware the snow Beware the man You think you know Scary poem #3 Here in the forest Dark and deep I offer to you Eternal sleep Scary poem #4 Each night father fills me with dread As he sits on the foot of my bed I dont mind that he speaks In quivers and squeaks But for seventeen years hes been dead Scary poem #5 (This one isn't all that scary but I wanted to include it in here) Love that holds you tight And squeezes you until You can't Take Another Breath Isnt love at all It's possession. Or a boa constrictor.

Story is told by Skullkid07