So let's get this straight my son did something that isn't like him, my son is the perfect student he gets all A's, he cleans up after he makes a mess, he goes to bed when he's supposed to, and he's a good listener so I don't understand how he could do something like this, when he was 16 he got into a car accident and got a concussion so maybe that's what happened, Let's get started with the story. It started almost like any other day, I say almost because I actually had to fight my son to get him out of bed but other than that it was normal I woke him up, he ate breakfast, he kissed me on the cheek,he went outside and waited for the bus, the bus arrived and he got on that's that so a couple of hours go by and I'm getting ready for work (I work at a bar) I wasn't supposed to work that day but someone called in sick and then showed up as a customer looking to party and then she got fired, I just think that if I didn't have to work that day then this wouldn't have happened. Anyway I got home from work and went straight to bed I didn't have the energy to check on my son, (he's been going out a lot lately) he's 17 I'm sure he doesn't need me to check up on him besides if he was out with friends that's not a problem because it was Saturday the next day AKA not a school night, how could I be so careless. Next morning I wake up to a knock on the door so I get up and check on my son and see that he's in his bed, so I go to the front door and look out the peephole and see two police officers so I open the door and let them in. They tell me that two teenage girls have gone missing in the span of two weeks and they were last seen with my son and they go to the same school as him so they think he has something to do with it. I'm just sitting there in shock because I don't believe he'll do something like that, my son doesn't hang out with girls That's quite the accusation officers I say to the police officers One of the officers say I'm sorry ma'am but we have CCTV footage of you're son and one other person with one of the females that went missing, Which is weird cause they just said they THINK that my son has something to do with it and now they're saying they have evidence that he did it. It's silent for a minute I'm in my thoughts and then one of the police officers break the silence to say Is you're son here right now ma'am, and I respond by pointing to his bedroom, the officer thanks me and heads twords my son's bedroom door while the other officer apologies for what's going on and says I need to search your son's room for any evidence that he may have killed them like bloody clothes a weapon ECT.. i guided the officer to my son's room and my son was already in cuffs and when he saw me he said, mom you gotta believe me I had nothing to do with this, with anything. I start to cry. The police officer starts to go through his stuff and finds his phone and starts to go through it (I thought my son had a password on his phone but I guess he took it off) my son starts to yell YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LOOK THROUGH MY STUFF I DIDN'T GIVE YOU PERMISSION The officer responds with Fine then I'll come back with a warrant and make it to where I can go through it without consent My son stopped talking after that The officer started going through his text messages and then said you're under arrest for murders of Rebecca gray and Melissa Sanchez. I yell WHAT DID YOU FIND The officer said Ma'am that's classified I said with tears I my eyes Please I want to know what you found that's going to put my little boy in prison The officer showed me texts between my son and his friend about where to hide the body I'm in shock while I'm reading them and then I start to Break down and cry I'm so disappointed in you I say to my son. The officers leave with my son and I go and sit on the couch and I think to myself, that's not my son.... Cause if it was my son he wouldn't have gotten caught

Story is told by dark_wolf


Wow. That twist tho