Remember how I said that any game can take a dark turn? I wasn't kidding, but the strange thing is, they always do. We just never notice it. The local school bully, Lorena, had just picked on her old best friend, Merida. At recess, Marisa decided to get her revenge. There was an old legend around town about a monster called The Hidden. It was a demon that you could summon to get revenge, and Merida thought that was a perfect idea. At recess, Merida invited Lorena to play a 'special' game of hide and seek. Lorena pitied her, and agreed. Merida told her that first, they had to do a ritual, or it wouldn't be the 'special' version. Lorena was confused. What kind of game had a ritual to it? But nonetheless, she agreed. They said a couple of chants, which I wont repeat here for obvious reasons, and then, the game was started. Merida just made the conscious decision to kill someone with a demon. Lorena hid, and when Merida finished counting to ten, she heard a scream that shook the whole playground. No one but Merida seemed to notice the giant bug monster that had eaten Lorena. Then, just as quick as it had killed Lorena, the monster snapped Merida's neck and dissappeared. They had both paid the price of revenge. In a gruff voice when it dissappeared, the monster said, "Who's laughing now?"

Story is told by Skullkid07


Final part coming soon!