Fluttershy was having a wonderful vacation. Seeing that nothing was happening at home, she had decided to go travelling all over Equestria. She had spent a great week in southern Equestria and decided that the next day that she'll move on. Fluttershy chose to go to a village named Gap Tooth Falls. Famous for a magnificent looking waterfall with a large jet of rock sticking out of it. Making it resemble a pair or front teeth with a gap inbetween them. Fluttershy couldn't wait to go there. But that night, she had a strange dream. She dreamt that she was walking up a dark wooden staircase. And then entered a bedroom. It was an ordinary room except for the fact that the carpet was dark red, the walls were covered in dark green and brown wallpaper, and that the window was nailed down with nails. In her dream, Fluttershy went to sleep in that room. But during the night, she heard something walking up the stairs. Then whatever it was, entered the room. It was a pony. With blood stained fur, mad staring eyes, a messed up mane, and hideous teeth. Trembling with fear, Fluttershy watched as the pony moved slowly towards the bed. It then leaned over her and said in a creepy whisper. "This is a evil place! Flee while you can!" When the pony grabbed Fluttershy's arm to hurry her along, Fluttershy awoke with a scream. She lay awake the rest of the night. In the morning, Fluttershy decided not to go to Gap Tooth Falls. She didn't tell anypony, but it was mainly because of her dream. Something about it made her feel like something bad would happen to her. But even so, she wouldn't let it ruin her vacation. Fluttershy then over heard a conversation that there was a place in eastern Equestria named Sunset valley. It was supposed to be really nice. So Fluttershy decided to go there. And it was indeed a great place. Fluttershy had a wonderful time. But it was getting late and soon she was looking for a place to stay for the night. Soon she found a nice, cozy inn. And luckily, there was a room for her. "I hope that you'll like it" the owner said as she led Fluttershy to it "its the best room here. The window over looks the river and it gives off this great glow in the morning". "I think that I will" Fluttershy said. They walked up a dark wooden staircase. Like the one in Fluttershy's dream. "In these inns, the staircases are all the same" Fluttershy thought. But when they entered the room, it was the same room from her dream. With the same dark red carpet, the dark green and brown wallpaper, and the nailed shut window. "Well?" The owner said "what do you think?". "I'm not sure" Fluttershy said. "Well I'll leave you be" the owner said "oh and by the way, breakfast is from nine to eleven". And with that, she left. Fluttershy sat on the bed. Staring at everything around her. This can't be a coincidence. But she was brought out of her thoughts when there was an knock on the door. "It must be the owner" Fluttershy thought as she answered it. But it wasn't. It was the pony with the blood stained fur, the messed up mane, the mad staring eyes, and the hideous teeth. Fluttershy grabbed her things and fled.

Story is told by GaryMatrix3


All I saw were the eyes and then saw the picture and where oh no no no (read blood pool)