Whatever you do, never answer these calls. They are called red numbers, because the digits are a blood red color. It is said that is you answer these numbers, you'll die immediatly. It will play an extremely high-pitched sound that will cause brain damage, and kill you instantly. There have been multiple police reports about these suspicious numbers. They show up in your call logs, but never in the phone bill. The police cannot track the number, because in the call logs, it is noted as "Death". Thousands of people have already died, and doctors prove that it is because of an unknown case of damage done to the brain, from hearing this noise. You cannot call these numbers, and they follow no pattern of killings. But the last red number call was reported just at the end of 2018. Whatever you do, do not answer unless you want to be a victim of the red numbers.

Story is told by Skullkid07