October 29 midnight, after kill my dad, that my dad, is open the sister room's door, to see him that all are sleep, I'm so hard to sleep, my dad is help to sleep, after in a few hours, dad is many people to back, Kuya Justin is last, now the people are miss my dad, many people believe, that your dad are get out in heaven after 45 days. But I can heard to the horror movies, I can believe that my dad is here, October 30, my dad isn't back, again, and again, you know, you're miss your death daddy, don't forget to like to me, when you're anything, thank you and I see you later, my story is paranormal, is my dad changing emotion when he in coffin, you don't believe all to my said, that many like later

Story is told by Zaijan Rich M. Santos


Hard to follow