I told her i was scared but she said.... "Monsters dont go after monsters" My mother came home unusually early.she was all optimistic and jovial.she was all humming and singing.she hardly cooks after work but today she was cooking cleaning. I was about to ask her about the reason behind all this but alas i was just happy to see her happy.she had been recently going through a hard time at work.My younger sister was practising her art and crafts on the table with some newspapers. I decided to go help mom in the kitchen.i asked her what we were having but she just hummed along.i later decided to set the table instead only to find a new leather chair.i tried it and it felt like heaven by just a seat. Soon dinner was ready and we were all gathered round the table to feast.i was the first to start small talk by asking what meat it was?my mom stuggled to answer but later just muttered mutton silently going back to her meal. I later commented how much i liked the new chair but she just akwardly nodded.i wondered why i was making her so uncomfortable so i just decided to ask her about work."so hows your boss mom??"i asked cheerfully.it was then she smiled at me."well lets just say he had alittle accident."she said smirking at me. I was happy to make her happy later after dinner we all sat down to watch tv and i got to sit on the smooth warm new chair.suddenly breaking news interrupted the programme we were watching. "EMPLOY MURDERS BOSS AND IS STILL ON THE RUN!BEWARE!"the next thing we saw flashed on the screen was a picture of my mother.could it be?....i immediately spun around only to find her holding a bloody butchers knife.... BEWARE: .......

Story is told by strange girl


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