One night me and my friend was watching a scary movie then my friend grabbed the remote and said "let's play the midnight game". I questioned him and asked him "what's the midnight game". "He said that we have to do a ritural to summon him and if we leave the circle then the midnight man will kill us". One I heard the the ritural and kill I instantly thought oh no this ain't good. But I insisted. At that moment I had no idea I had made the stupidest mistake of my life. So we did the ritural and made a circle of salt. At first I thought he was just joking around saying if I break the circle he will kill us. So purposely I took my foot and moved it all around and the whole circle was demolished. Then all of a sudden I seem shadows coming from every direction then one of the shadows came up to and whispered in my ear your gonna die from suicidal and depression. It's been a couple years and nothing has happen yet but my friend did get shot and died. But I know one thing I will never play that stupid game ever again.

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