Chapter 2. Trying to find away normal After awhile I decided to pull out Alyssa's body from underneath my bed. I was still shocked. I didn't know what to do. Once I pulled the body out I layed her body on the ground. I went to go to a library. I was searching around for three hours and I didn't realize it ?. After awhile I saw this boy. I went up to him and asked if he could help. I told him to meet me at angel101 street. He said ok. Hours later we met up with each other at that street. I told him to go inside the house. I showed him to my room. He gasped. I said what do I do with that? The boy asked for my number. I said my number was #######. And he said meet me later for a killing spree. I said no. I'm trying to get to normal. He said your next on my list. In my mind I said that he was no help. I started to play bendy and the ink machine on my Xbox. After I play fnaf 3. I was surprised and overwhelm I beat both games in one day. I got tired of playing my hands were shaking. I went to my other friends house. Binx asked if we wanted to have a sleepover. Me and Jenny said yesh. So binx let us go back to our houses and grab what we needed. We watched scary movies,we played Truth or Dare, the we told scary stories. Little did I know someone or something was in the house with us. As binx was telling me and Jenny the story of haniko San we both got scared. When binx said that she tried this with her old friends and one of the her old friends died I got really worried. After that we all went to my house. When we went to my house I grabbed a three fighting things that turn on and fight you. I grabbed a couple fighting outfits that me and my friends put on. We looked pretty cool. We had knives guns sycthes my personal favorite. Basically every weapon you can think of. I turned the things on to our modes. I was on nightmare mode binx was on upstopable mode Jenny was on easy mode. We all beat the crap out of them. Then we all heard a bang. I said good thing we practiced just in case and have these on. We all got worried. The lights shut off. They flickered. I went downstairs and saw my mom still laying there. And I had forgotten that we climbed through my window ?. So I kept moving past my mother. The I saw my friend Jenny following me. She pulled out a pistol. She pointed it at me. I was disappointed. And I though she changed. Before she was our enemy. A spoiled brat with makup and to much pink. After I saw her point the pistol at me I thinked back. I grabbed my shotgun. Binx was behind Jenny. Binx also grabbed her sleeping needle. As I pointed my gun at her I said are you forgeting someone? Jenny said who... Binx stabbed the needle in her. She fell asleep quickly. After awhile I became normal. I never saw binx or anyone again. Chapter 2 has ended

Story is told by Egyptgachacat


Hey guys I hope u enjoy part 2 of this ?