Hi, I'm violet. I live on angel101 street. My neighborhood is haunted. Normally through the window of my room someone every night puts there hand prints on the glass. This time I went to bed in my room and had gone to sleep quick. But as always nothing happy lasts forever. I heard a bang and a crash. I wondered what it was, so I decided to check it out.went I looked in the hallway nothing was there. I went back to sleep. In the morning I got ready for school and I go breakfast. It had happened so quick getting ready for school. I always end up waking up late hehehe. So yea when I got to school I saw this girl in black. She was really pale. She had a black mask a jacket with a hood and jeans on. I was kinda freaked out. I found out that we got dorms to. And who did I get dorms with...her. I suddenly got scared when we got into our dorm. She ask me a question if I liked her outfit colors. I shivered and said yes. She said thank you. The girl put her hand in her pocket and smiled very creepy. She kept at smiling at me. So I tried smiling back. Then she stopped smiling at me and said why are you not dead. I stop smiling and said what kinda question is that? Then I went to my bed. That girl followed me. Sense she followed me I asked her what her name was. She said I am alyssa death. She said. she asked for my name. I said I am violet Vero. Alyssa asked why my first and last name has the letter v in it. I said in my family we have to have names the start with v and our last name has to have the letter v or we aren't official part of the family. Alyssa said do you want me to cook something? I said sure. In my mind I said it's not that bad having her as my roommate. A few hours later they ate. They both went to bed. Five months later I started to notice that Alyssa has been lying and leaving me behind a lot. I keep asking were she went. But I got the same answer each time. I looked under her bed, pillows and blankets to see if she hid something. And I saw a dead body under the bed. I gasped. After that I felt so shocked. Minutes later Alyssa came back with her knife and lots of blood like she was in a war. I also found out she had a boyfriend named jack crock. He was also a killer. After months again. After all of this I've been tired of it. I decided to go to a shop that has knives and other weapons. I grabbed a bunch. Later I asked Alyssa and Jack if they wanted to do a 24 hour challenge in the teachers house cause I kinda video taped our teacher going to his house. And so Alyssa drove us there because I showed her the directions. After we arrived I told Alyssa to come in the backyard of his house alone. I brought some of my weapons in my big giant pockets. I told Alyssa to close her eyes. I grabbed my knife. Alyssa said what's taking so long? I didn't respond. She opened her eyes. But little did I know she had brought her knife. I was determined to kill her after all these months. Jack was worried. He looked in the backyard and saw us in battle. Jack was excited. He said two girls fighting for me! I said I'm not fighting for you jack...I'm Fighting cause this girl has been lying and leaving me behind. Jack sat down and just watched us fight for hours. Just then our teacher came into the backyard and said what are you doing students! He grabbed us and marched us out. He also grabbed our weapons. As we left I winked at the teacher. Later I returned to the teachers house. He answered the door. He asked what do you want?! I said your life... I sliced him in half and lit his house on fire... As I kept doing this I became insane. Alyssa realised I wasn't myself. She got scared. After awhile she got used to it. Me Alyssa and Jack became the most famous killers of all time. Then I got to meet other killers from different parts of the world. After all this happened I had to go back to my haunted neighborhood. I never saw the others again. When I returned home I saw my mom laying on the ground clueless knowing what to do. And as if it wouldn't get worse it did. Something always followed me. When I brushed my teeth in the bathroom I look at the mirror and when I glance at it I always see something smiling. One day I looked under my bed just to see my friend Alyssa dead as can be. I went on my phone and called jack. He didn't respond. I began to lock my door. It drove me insane again. Eventually I became pale. THE END you guys tell me please if you want me to make a series of this ;) and sorry this isn't really scary and btw it's not real

Story is told by Egyptgachacat


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