All of these are ture stories, because why would i make up some lame stuff about ghosts like this? Also, i got 6 separate incidents, and none were really scary for me, but i got the vibes Well, the latest incident happened at 22:20, Halloween, 2019 I was sitting on my bed, my cat next to me. She was content, and purring and alla dat when she suddenly got up and stared at my cloakstand/hatstand. When you enter my room, the corner that is in front of you houses a dresser with my radio on it, a power socket in front of that, and my cloakstand in front of that. She just stqred at it with wide, fearful eyes before running away. Like, it wasn't the normal activity for a cat, as she has never run away after staring into nothingness, and the only other times my cat makes the same expression is when she sees/hears an unfamiliar human. The main incidents occur when I'm sitting at my desk. My desk is right in front of my door, and is against the wall. I usually listen to my Hollywood Undead music on my laptop, hat and headphones on and i can feel something staring at me from my doorway. I sit angled, so i don't see my door, but i always know when someone stars at me. The 3rd incident was weird and i have no reasonable explanation for it. I woke up at 2am, probably because i went to bed early, and i was sitting in my bed with my light on. I don't dare open my door till it's a reasonable time, and it's mainly because my door creaks very loudly upon moving it, and i was reading a book or something when movement catches my eye. I look up to see a shadow of a spiderweb or fur rise rapidly to my roof, but there was nothing that could have made such a shadow, as i never keep spiders in my room, and there was no air to lift anything anyways. The 4th incident was when i was watching tv at night. It was when my chair was still next to the window, and i like keeping the window open while I'm there. I heard this whisper or breath like it was right next to me, but no one could possibly be there. On the other side of the window is a massive glass table, and i think it'll break from having a cat on it. The 5th incident also happened at night, but i was outside too. It was raining, and i decided to let my cat outside. We have 2 inside cats, and i know that my cat would never go into rain so she had nowhere to go except for the undercover area. I was watching her when i heard the crunch of an adult stepping on dead leaves coming from around the side of my house. Where it was raining. The oldest and final incident was probably the scariest, as I saw creatures. You know those shadows that dart around in the corners of your eyes, i saw those creatures. I looked up at the right moment, and saw the shadow creatures. I was sitting on my bed, at night, reading. They were pitch black, and had two large also pitch black eyes. Like, you can just see the eyes, yet you couldn't at the same time. They looked like someone had made a thinner Ditto or some slime monster, but black. They were behind my open door, and receded almost instantly. Even though most of these happened at night or when i awoke, i know none of these were because of sleep/sleep deprivation because there should be more sightings.

Story is told by Tobias Norwell




Very interesting experience, but in same time, I don't want to feel something same ?