Im 11 so this might not turn out well. I spent my whole life living with my Grandparents who raised me and my brother like they are our parents, They both loved us like how our mom would but a love of a Dad...We never experienced that. One day while I was laying in bed playing on my tablet as usual, I heard our gate open, I assumed it was my grandpa who just got back from cutting trees in the woods behind our house so I shrugged, A minute later the gate closed but this time it was aggressively shut. When my grandpa went to look at our gate he couldn believe that someone so strong could break a metal lock, I asked my grandpa what happened to the gate he told me "I don't know but whoever closed this must have been angry", I went back inside to investigate what happened. The next day while I was cooking myself breakfast cause I wake up earlier than my grandparents I heard a thud coming from upstairs I went to check it out, but as Iw as heading upstairs I saw a body on the floor which seemed like the person was trying to get up. I got closer to the body, and somethings sent chills to spine. What I saw wasn't ordinary, I saw a man with a big dark coat, red eyes, and was limping towards me, I hurried downstairs to wake my grandparents up and tell them what I saw. When my grandpa woke up he went a grabbed his machete and headed towards the stairs that led to where I found the man. My grandpa asked me what happened But I was just traumatized. Because what I saw wasn't and ordinary man, he looked like my father coming back to get us. We kind of ignored that after 2 days, until it hit me... It wasn't true because I was out for 5 days and it happened, they said I accidentally hit my head on a bat which made me unconscious but I still think it happened yesterday. Thank you for reading this!!!

Story is told by Itz kazashi


I'm 11


Wow! That was such a good story :D


It may be surprising based on my stories, but I'm 11 also. Thank you for sharing this story!

Paranormal Activity

I'm 11 too and that was a great story thank you for sharing that with us ?