Sometimes I try to go to sleep at night But the monster inside to me Gives me a good fright. Sometimes I try to be a good person But the monster inside me Makes my condition worsen. Sometimes it talks But it's in mumbles and moans I can't understand it But I can feel it in my bones. Sometimes other people tell me to Calm my temper But the monster inside me Tells me to remember. Tells me to remember When we were both one. One soul, one body, one mind It tells me to not be kind. Sometimes the monster looks at me With a glare in its eyes, And a growl in its throat, It makes me dizzy. Sometimes other people Give me medicine But I know in my heart That it will not help. I scream out loud With a cry and a yelp. They lead me back To my very own room. It has pillows on the walls It's a thrill for all. The doctors try to fix me They know that they can't They lead me to that padded room With not even a lamp. I am not mental The voices are real. The monster inside Was quite a steal. Sometimes I think That one day I'll be cured But I know in my heart That the voices will always be heard.

Story is told by Skullkid07


Thank you! I'll try to make more stuff like this soon!


Cool rhymes ?


Amazing text! Keep it up!