As Tom was fixing to drift off to sleep he heard a faint bell at first he thought nothing of it but then he heard it again and each time it was getting louder and louder soon Tom's started to sweat he had to find out what it was so he went to investigate and the bell grew softer as he got closer to the source and soon he the bell stopped and then a nursery rhyme began to play there once was a crooked man walked a crooked mile ect but as the song played tom turned around in horror as a tall figure began to slowly advance at him while singing the rhyme in a deep and sinister voice tom quickly ran for the upstairs and barely escaping the figure's grasp he ran for his life and locked himself in his room and being as quiet as possible but he heard the thing it was slowly making it's way to the upstairs area he heard it approach tom in the heat of the moment had forgotten that he keeps a phone in his room he quickly called 911 and told them a intruder had broken into his house however he heard the creature approach even faster as it reached his room the door began to rumble tom quickly put a nearby cabinet in front of the door and the creature said something tom would never forget you will be crooked like me the creature said but just as the creature was fixing to break in sirens began to flare from outside and the rumbling on the door stopped and it said one more thing to tom one day you will be crooked like me and he heard the creature go downstairs and then he heard that same bell again it ringed three times and then stopped tom moved the cabinet and went down stairs just then the police came in and they asked where the intruder was tom said somewhere downstairs but the police checked the whole premises and found nothing except a bell and after that tom moved out but the house but for how long before the crooked man returns

Story is told by crooked man